Campaign Essentials

Words Matter

The Challenge

Traditionally, women are praised for being more cooperative and bipartisan. While voters still give women credit for these traits, they are cynical about the state of politics, unclear whether more women in office will have a measurable impact, and question any individual’s ability to change politics.

The Solution

Women candidates can maximize their advantages by using the right words and displaying the right actions. Both Democratic and Republican women have an advantage over a male candidate on representing voters’ interests, having the right priorities, being honest and ethical, solving problems, working across party lines to get results, and being warm and likeable.

It remains important for a woman to take on insiders and to stand up for her constituents. Current women elected officials are seen as successfully challenging their legislatures.

When you have a woman candidate, you always have to make sure she's dressed right, that she looks powerful, yet approachable.

Women need to prove:

  • Strength
  • Qualification
  • Ability to make change

Ways women can demonstrate qualifications:

  • Having the right priorities
  • Showing strong negotiating skills
  • Working with men and women

Advantages women have:

  • In touch, compassionate
  • Right priorities
  • Honest
  • Problem-solving