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Guardian: “Clinton claims Democratic nomination: ‘We’ve reached a milestone'”

Hillary Clinton declared victory in the Democratic presidential primary on Tuesday, marking the first time a woman will capture the nomination of a major political party in the United States’ 240-year history. “To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, this is one big step for women, and a bigger step for America,” said Barbara Lee, founder and president […]

McClatchy: “Clinton is first woman ever to clinch US presidential nomination”

No matter your preference of candidate, party or ideology, Tuesday marked a defining moment in the United States. For the first time in 240 years, a woman – Hillary Clinton – locked up a major party’s nomination for president, and is now within shot of winning the White House itself in November. “The march to […]

USA Today: “Why are you yelling? The questions female candidates still face”

For instance, a report this spring by the Barbara Lee Family Foundation found that voters are willing to support a male candidate they don’t like if they think he is qualified. But they are less likely to support a female candidate they think is qualified unless they also like her. “For women candidates, likability is […]

Washington Post: “Does Hillary Clinton face a different standard for honesty?”

With all the talk this week and during this entire campaign about honesty, transparency, emails and tax returns in the 2016 race, The Fix thought it was time to examine just how gender and honesty play out in politics. First, meet our experts. Kelly Dittmar is an assistant professor of political science at Rutgers University-Camden […]