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Martha Rosler: Where Do You Want to Go from Here? (2018)

In November of 2018, The Jewish Museum will present, Martha Rosler: Where Do You Want to Go from Here?  The exhibition will showcase Rosler’s commitment to engaging social and political issues through art by blurring the line between artistic practice and political activism.  Highlighted works will showcase the representation of women in a culture that often reduces them to their physical attributes as well as art that demonstrates the consistently overlooked amount of female labor that is required to run a household.  Her deep, artistic view of the public sphere and domestic space intertwined with political engagement is what makes Martha Rosler’s work so groundbreaking.

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation is pleased to support Martha Rosler’s first museum survey in the United States in nearly two decades.  An exhibition catalogue along with a dynamic calendar of programs will further deepen audience interaction with her artistic exploration of political and social issues.