Contemporary Art

Blackout: Silhouettes Then and Now (2018)

Maibaum by Kristi Malakoff / 20 black paper figures, black foam core, hardware, 2009 / Photo by Kristi Malakoff

In May of 2018, The National Portrait Gallery will present, Blackout: Silhouettes Then and Now, an exhibition that contrasts more traditional silhouettes with four modern interpretations by female artists: Kristi Malakoff, Komi Yamashita, Kara Walker, and Camille Utterback.  This groundbreaking exhibition highlights Kristi Malakoff’s 3-D silhouettes, Kara Walker’s silhouettes showcasing blackness through large-scale murals, Camille Utterback’s interactive silhouettes, and Kumi Yamashita’s interpretation of silhouettes using everyday objects.

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation is proud to support this truly groundbreaking exhibition spotlighting American figures who are often overlooked, marginalized, and not represented in traditional forms of portraiture.  An exhibition catalogue featuring essays by scholars and experts as well as meaningful programming will further engage audiences with this inspiring exhibition.