Contemporary Art

Montserrat College of Art (2012)

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation supported “Artworld and Beyond: Not Ready to Make Nice” at the Montserrat College of Art. This exhibit was presented alongside a two-day symposium that  gathered members of arts and academia to discuss the role of artists and their work in addressing issues of prejudice and inequality in society, using the work of the Guerrilla Girls and others as examples.

The exhibit focused on work from the past decade and features rarely shown international projects that trace the collective’s artistic and activist influence around the world. Not Ready to Make Nice illustrated and contextualized the vital historic and current work of these highly original, provocative and influential artists who championed feminism and social change. Additionally, a selection of iconic work from the 1980s and 1990s illustrated the development of the group’s philosophy and conceptual approach to art activism.
The exhibit was held in the Montserrat Galleries from August 25th – December 15th 2012.