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Women in Politics

The Foundation builds strategic, nonpartisan partnerships to deploy a broad range of tactics that help women succeed in American politics.

Our partnerships change the dialogue about women candidates in the media; showcase powerful historical examples of women’s leadership and empowerment; and mobilize women voters across political parties through innovative online and grassroots campaigns.

Current Women in Politics Partnerships

Our Programs & Partnerships

Presidential Gender Watch

Presidential Gender Watch 2016 is a nonpartisan project of the Center for American Women and Politics and the Barbara Lee Family Foundation to track, analyze, and illuminate gender dynamics in the 2016 presidential election. Presidential Gender Watch 2016 draws upon the research and expertise of both partner organizations, as well as other experts, to further public understanding of how gender influences candidate strategy, voter engagement and expectations, media coverage, and electoral outcomes in the race for the nation’s highest executive office. Our goal is to lend expert analysis to the dialogue around gender throughout the election season.

Our Programs & Partnerships

Gender Watch 2018

Gender Watch 2018 is a project of The Barbara Lee Family Foundation (BLFF) and the Center for American Women in Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University . The non-partisan project tracks, analyzes, and illuminates gender dynamics in election 2018. Resources on the new website include analysis and commentary from political strategists and academics, information about women candidates, relevant research summaries and reports, and more to bridge the divide between scholarship and political practice.

Our Programs & Partnerships

Higher Heights Leadership Fund

Higher Heights Leadership Fund is an organization dedicated to creating a network to support and build up Black women's leadership capacity. Their process involves investing in strategies to both increase the number of Black women in the leadership pipeline as well as foster more civic participation among Black women by providing training programs, civic engagement, and networking opportunities. The four main pillars of Higher Heights Leadership Fund's approach are capacity building, grassroots organizing, research, and convenings. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation is proud to support Higher Heights Leadership Fund in their efforts to amplify the voices and leadership of Black women because "democracy is stronger when women's voices are heard."

Our Programs & Partnerships

Power in Place

For the Power in Place project, photographer Katrina Hajagos captures photos of American women leaders in special settings chosen by the subjects themselves. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation is proud to support the work of Power in Place as they increase the visibility of women in politics. The project aims to increase the participation of women in public office by holding up inspirational role models. Power in Place believes that images are the most powerful way to convey this opportunity to the young women who will be tomorrow’s mayors, congresswomen, and presidents.