Sewall-Belmont House (The Changing Faces of Power)

The Sewall-Belmont House and Museum (SBHM), on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, celebrates women’s progress towards equality. The museum explores the evolving role of women and their contributions to society through a variety of educational programs, tours, exhibits, research and publications. In addition to educating about the history of women’s suffrage and political parity, the SBHM continues to stimulate dialogue around the current political climate and the continuing need to increase women’s engagement in the American political system. In 2007, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation granted funds to support the museum’s initiative The Changing Faces of Power: Women in Politics Series. This initiative explored the hard-fought journey of women through America’s political system and how their increasing activism and leadership has shaped the political landscape and changed the national debate. It included several forums and roundtable discussions where distinguished speakers gave an insider’s perspective on the dramatic impact of women as voters, candidates, and elected officials as we work for the full political equality of women. Forums progressively created a full discussion of the political role of women as the country readied itself for the 2008 election and in consideration of increased opportunities for female candidates following the Census redistricting process in 2012.