VRL logoVoteRunLead is a national, nonpartisan organization that empowers women to be active decision-makers in democracy through training, technology, and community. VoteRunLead does this by creating an online platform to encourage women to run for office and empowering them with the networking tools to win their elections.

VoteRunLead has launched innovative programs nationally and internationally that focus on women’s political and civic leadership. VoteRunLead has trained over 15,000 women for civic and political leadership from 2004-2012. Additionally, VoteRunLead hosts its signature National Go Run conference that allows women to network and learn more about the process of running for leadership positions in their communities. Participants are able to network with other accomplished women leaders while learning more about communications, fundraising, and campaigning skills. This conference is just one way that VoteRunLead has encouraged a richly diverse group of women throughout the country to join the leadership pipeline. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation proudly partnered with VoteRunLead in 2014 and 2016.