Unlocking the Door to Executive Office: Essential Tips for Women Candidates (2015)

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation (BLFF) has tracked every woman’s general election race for governor since 1998, and 2014 was no exception. With a goal to continually illuminate opportunities and obstacles for women running for executive office, BLFF worked with Dr. Kelly Dittmar and the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University to produce qualitative research on the 2014 gubernatorial elections with women candidates.

Change is Key: What’s New (And Not) for Women in Politics (2014)

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation has highlighted shifts in voter perceptions of women candidates. This memo outlines those changes—some concrete and some nuanced—and underscores the trends and themes those changes uncover.

Change the Channel: Ads that Work for Women Candidates (2013)

Our past research has consistently shown that women candidates pay a higher price for going negative, even though all candidates must show how they differ from their opponents – it is a necessary part of campaigning. This qualitative research from the Barbara Lee Family Foundation offers evidence-based guidance on how women can successfully contrast with […]

Pitch Perfect: Winning Strategies for Women Candidates (2012)

We’ve all heard it: this perception that “I would vote for a ‘qualified’ woman,” especially when a woman runs for major statewide office. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation’s latest research helps to decode the idea of a qualified woman candidate. It reveals what makes a woman “qualified” in voters’ minds, and how one establishes qualifications […]