Tips from the Trail


Do the homework.

Know the fundraising centers and party’s major donors in the state. Join another candidate’s finance committee and learn firsthand what you will be asking of others. Develop a network of women within key fundraising circles and ask for introductions. Lock down substantial financial support before announcing a run.

Build a fundraising and powerbroker network early.

Assemble a dozen veteran fundraisers, meet with them regularly, and make them a part of the campaign’s permanent political operation.

Develop working relationships with activist organizations.

Work with statewide, membership-based organizations on issues of mutual concern. Nurses, carpenters, chiropractors, lawyers, small business owners—these can be allies and support networks.

Expand, expand, expand.

Identify the 25 individuals who raise the most for the party’s nominees and develop a strategy for meeting them—directly, through friends, at party events, etc. Identify those women’s organizations that provide financial support to women candidates and meet with their political directors, enlist their early support, and stay in touch with them.