Tips from the Trail

Proving Economic Credentials

Be specific about jobs.

Offer specifics on the ways your state will compete for jobs. Your economic plan must attract and keep large businesses and make it easier to start and run a small business. Look for opportunities to serve on boards or commissions related to job growth.

Share your budget priorities.

A budget is a statement of your values. It is a proactive document that tells voters what you want to accomplish. Show where you would save, where you would invest, and why. Remember that voters accord women the benefit of “kitchen table budgeting” wisdom and experience.

Establish financial credentials.

If you have served as a treasurer, budget director, or on a finance committee in the public or private sector, trumpet it. If you haven’t had a high profile financial position, look for other and unconventional ways you have managed a state’s or business’ money.

Learn your state budget.

Former or current Budget or Appropriation Committee chairs, staff, or budget analysts from the Governor’s office are all useful resources for learning the intricacies of the state budget.

Weave your budget expertise into every issue, ad, and communication.

Give everyone who introduces you a prepared introduction that emphasizes your financial credentials and accomplishments. Check your strategic plan for an integrated focus on jobs, budget, and economy.