Opportunity Knocks

Now is the Time for Women Candidates

In 2017, women are mobilized and ready to run for leadership positions at every level of government. Our data supports their instincts that now is the time to run and serve. Indeed, it is an excellent time to be a woman running for office.

About Us

The Barbara Lee Family Foundation advances women’s equality and representation in American politics and in the field of contemporary art. Our work in both our program areas is guided by our core belief that women’s voices strengthen our democracy and enrich our culture.

Our Research

The Essential Guide

Now updated with our 2016 and 2017 research, the Essential Guide is the compilation of nearly 20 years of research studying the complex attitudes toward women candidates. From calling out an opponent’s record to talking about your personal life to establishing qualifications, this no-nonsense pragmatic guide gives women candidates the tools they need to run for public office.


The Foundation produces unique and original research highlighting the obstacles and opportunities women candidates encounter when running for leadership positions, particularly executive office.

Modern Family

As more women run for office and are elected, voters question how women can serve constituents and take care of family responsibilities at the same time. Women candidates wonder whether they should talk about their families and personal lives and how to do so without alienating voters. Our findings take a comprehensive look at how voters judge a woman’s family life and provide strategies on how candidates can connect with voters in a genuine and relatable way.

Featured Research

Finding Gender in Election 2016 (2017)

How did gender influence the 2016 presidential election? For Presidential Gender Watch 2016, the question extended well beyond the fact that for the first time, a major party nominated a woman as its presidential candidate. It even went beyond the majority-female electorate that chose the new commander-in-chief. Presidential Gender Watch’s new report highlights the answers to those questions.

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The Foundation partners with other nonpartisan organizations dedicated to helping women succeed in American politics. The goal: to change the dialogue about what a leader looks like.

Featured Program

Beyond Suffrage: 100 Years of Women and Politics in New York

Coming to the Museum of the City of New York in fall of 2017, Beyond Suffrage tells the story of the past century of political participation by New York women. While showcasing the accomplishments of women in politics, it will also showcase the limits of suffrage and the difficulties women in politics still face today.

Featured Program


IGNITE is committed to engaging and educating young women and supporting their political aspirations across the country through college chapters, high school programming, political leadership conferences, an elected women’s network, and the IGNITE fellowship program. The Barbara Lee Family Foundation is proud to support their efforts to expand the IGNITE fellowship program to the Boston region.


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